About Us

Lalee is a social enterprise which showcases sustainable products carefully handcrafted by artisans from La Libertad and Guihulngan,Negros Oriental,Philippines in order to promote culture of heritage and tradition.

. Lalee empowers local Filipino weavers to rebuild their dreams as they work hard to ease up their way of life. We are authentic in the sense that originality is but an utmost concern. Designs of our products are meticulously created by our local weavers showing their talents and skills in producing classy and sassy bags for young ladies and adults alike.

   Being in the business for quite sometime now,our products are being trusted because we never failed to meet the buyers expectations. We always produce bags uniquely without compromising quality and texture. Each and every bag that we created has its own unique signature. But what is always consistent is its authenticity, woven with heart and passion. That is why in every detail of it, there is always that touch of a weavers delight.